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Friday, November 22, 2013

2013 International Fly Tying Symposium

The weekend is here once again, and as usual I look forward to seeing all my friends from many different walks of life who I have the honor and pleasure of tying next to.  The weekend is more about catching up than anything else, and I always look forward to that.  I hope to see several of my followers and supporters as well, shoot the breeze, answer some questions and have a good time.
Small Cross Section Of The Flies I'll Have On Hand

As you can tell, I will have a fairly full compliment of small to large streamers on hand, and will also be tying a couple of my newer creations.  Stop by, it's usually a good time, Pat Cohen and I will be sharing a table and we both have a few tricks up our sleeve for the weekend.  I shall be tying my crayfish, masked avenger, some pike patterns and maybe some other fun stuff, so I hope to see you there.  i will also have a pile of stickers with the old logo on them that I'll be unloading so be sure to swing in.

Saturday, November 16, 2013


First and foremost, I wanna thank Eric Hornung for the awesome new logo that he created for me.   I hope you all like it as much as I do.  My goal is to finally get some hats, shirts and high quality stickers going for all that have inquired.  The new logo should make for some cool stuff so stay tuned on that, hope to have some stuff for the shows in January.

Just to let you all know, the Online fly store is live again, with a catch though, I will not be tying any orders until after next weekend.  So, if you wanna get your order in line fire it in, and when I resume tying orders the week of Thanksgiving, they will get tied in the order that they were received.

You'll also notice a couple revisions to some of the products.  I combined the single and double jointed flies together to make it easier.  So, that being said if you wanted a juggy jr. and couldn't find it, its in the Juggernaut tab, just click single articulated or double.  Same with the Hog Snare.

The  boat listed just sold, so if you are interested it's gone.  Lastly, hope to see you all next weekend at the International Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset New Jersey.  I shall have a bunch of streamers on hand and will be tying a few of my newer patterns as well as a couple crazies for fun.  Hope to see you there. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Drift Boat For Sale. 2005 Lamoyne Hyde Signature Series. Total Cream Puff

You read it right, my brother in law is selling his 2005 LH Signature Series Hyde Drift boat.  This boat has seen water less than 20 times and has everything, including the G4 shoe that protects the bottom.  This boat is in mint condition and serious inquiries only, asking price of $7,500.00. 

Potential buyers can reach Jeff at 603-762-3717 or email

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tag This.......

Hate me now, hate me later, what have you.  I guess I'm letting my inside voice get out on this one, but I just gotta let it go.  I get it, we live in the "Social Media Generation", like my buddy Mike says, guys like myself are "Tweeners" when it comes to this stuff, kinda caught in the middle of being a full fledged Gen X and semi-old school crowd;  bridgers of the gap or divide as I like to say.

Maybe you out there in the cyberspace will agree with what I'm about to say, maybe you won't.  If you take offense to it, just erase this post from your memory. 

This new common practice of Hash tagging everything is beyond annoying.  I get it, # tag something and when people search for related criteria your post or photo will come up.  I think in certain circumstances this is a great idea on paper, but I think many have taken it WAY over board.

When I'm sipping my coffee panning through my various social media feeds, I find that I just don't quite understand some of the nonsense that some people # tag.  Personally, I think its wasted space and time, let your photos and thoughts stand alone.  So, in light of my annoyance,  I'm infusing some # tag humor at my own expense......


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