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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Tribute

For those of you wondering where I am next weekend, as my spot at the Fly fishing show in New Jersey will be vacant, let me tell you why.   My cousin's husband Adam, whom you might recall me mentioning earlier last year, lost his battle with Cancer early Thursday morning. 

Words can't describe how sorry I am for my cousin's loss, and his immediate family that he leaves behind.  The world lost a really wonderful man way before his time, and he touched many peoples lives.   Honestly, I cannot make any sense of it, and maybe none of us who knew Adam are supposed to.  I can still remember when we sat together at a family gathering not too long ago, you asking me questions about parenthood , and your sheer  excitement knowing that you too would soon be a father.  You were glowing, and couldn't wait to hold that child you so dearly dreamed of.

The last 48 hours have been a chilling reminder for me of just how precious life truly is.  You never really know what might happen tomorrow, next week or next year.  Dream big, live life without regret and for the moment.     I wish you were still here Adam, as there was so much more that I wish we could have shared.  Your commitment to family, your daughter and wife was second to none.   And even in your time of need, you showed us strength, reminded us to be positive, and to always have  hope. 

I am honored to have met you, and called you family even if it was for a short period of time.  Although the time we shared together as family and friends was brief, I will never forget just how remarkable, thoughtful and caring you were.  You will be sadly missed by many, but your memory will forever live on.

Rest in peace my friend for we will cross paths again someday. 

In Memory of Adam Luippold (August 13, 1979-January 16, 2014).

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