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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just A Reminder

Well first and foremost, not like I'm some old crusty critter, but this has to be the longest and harshest winter I can ever remember, and I like you, am very anxious for longer days with sunlight, green grass and river's of eager fish.  General consensus, Spring can't get here fast enough.  Over the past weekend at the Bears Den, I was told by a few fellow anglers, fly tyers and passers by that word on the streets is I closed my tying business.   I am here to tell you all that this is entirely false.  As those of you who know me well, I do this as a secondary profession.  You may also know that I am in the process of writing a book, married, kids etc, blah blah.  (I'm sure you're all tired of hearing that so lets move on).   As I posted at the onset of 2014, in order for me to complete this rather daunting project, I had to put something on the back burner to make space and create time.  By no means does this mean my fly operation is done, I thoroughly plan on bringing the store back later this year. Just remember, if you tie, you can find all of my tying videos at my VIMEO TYING CHANNEL.  Otherwise, bear with my while I wrap this up, no pun intended.

I feel the need to reiterate this as I have had an influx of fly inquiries in the last month and misconceptions on where things are for Catching-Shadows.  I appreciate the interest, but, I AM NOT FILLING ANY TYING ORDERS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.   I don't mean to come off blunt, but if I get sidetracked doing this I will not make my deadline, and that is the most important task on my plate this year, I hope you all understand.  

I would also like to apologize for the lack of activity on the blog, as I have been hard at work writing every day.  I will say this though, in the next year or two I plan on revisiting the idea of getting back out on the water and guiding again.  Don't jump the gun yet, I have to think about this long and hard as like anything I do, it gets 150% effort on my part, and if I feel I can't give at least that I will not take the plunge.  Timing is everything, if it appears to be feasible with what life has for me at the time, then it will happen.  Otherwise, my guiding days will still be a few more years off, so bear with me while I figure this one out.  I truly appreciate the support and interest from all of you out there who have asked me on a regular basis about guiding again, I do miss it but I gotta make sure it's right and will not interfere with everything else I have going on.  

Back to the book, I am officially past the midway point of the text.  As of right now I am moving forward rather nicely and actually enjoying  myself as it unfolds.   It is really fun reliving the trials and tribulations that came with each and every pattern highlighted in the book, and I hope I am clearly conveying this. Hopefully if all goes as planned, all of you will be able to read it for yourselves this time or shortly there after in 2015.

Unlike last year, I have some fun fishing plans with some of my fishing friends  already set in stone for the next 24 months, and I am very excited at the places I will get to wet a line in the coming months, both near and far.  Expect to see some photos of my excursions as the season unfolds, as well as updates on my book progress.   I acquired a very useful 18-200 mm lens for My Nikon, so I am able to take a very wide range of shots while stream side, not to mention I upgraded to a Gopro Hero 3+, and you can bet your arse I will be compiling some fun footage of my fishing excursions this coming year.  I won't let the cat out the bag yet on where my big trip is next year, but let's just say it involves remoteness, apex predators and big eats.  Let your mind wander on that one for a bit, I gotta get back to typing.  Have a good one and keep wishing this winter away.

Rich Strolis
Catching Shadows

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bears Den 25th Anniversary

Hope to see some of you this Saturday at the show, I'll be spinning some of my streamers and talking fishing.  See you there.  For more about the event click HERE.

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