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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Could Spring Finally Be Coming?

Well, its above freezing this morning as I write this, seems kind of odd to say this considering how brutal this winter has been.  Round one of three rounds of heavy rain is behind us and although the rivers have risen, we are in pretty good shape, for now that is.  If you're gonna fish, today might be it until later next week if we get the rain they are saying we are slated to receive. 

The Farmington is in good shape coming in at roughly 400 CFS in the TMA.

The Housatonic on the other hand is right at 1,410 CFS and climbing, looking to go over 2,000 later today and much higher I'd assume.  

It won't be long before April is here, hopefully more consistent weather and some bigger bugs and eager fish.  We are almost out of the dark folks, only a few more weeks away from the fray.  I am putting the finishing touches on yet another chapter in the book this morning, the last of the nymph patterns and the 18th of I can't recall how many chapters.  Not sure how many will make the cut but I have roughly 30 chapters in all for this project.  I'll keep you all posted, I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me. 

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