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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Feeding The Itch

So I finally got on some water in a much needed way, despite the weather being completely inaccurate in comparison to any reports I had seen for the day.  Due to a variety of factors, the most being the onset of hypothermia (OK I'm being a bit dramatic, but it was F*@$ing cold and my hands are still pins and needles) we called it a day early.  Slush, ice, 32 degree water (yes you read that right) and cold extremities we managed to bring a few fish to hand.  Yes we, I was out with good friends Dan and Tom Harrison at Harrison Anglers, we habitually try and fish together regularly, or not so regularly depending on our schedules.
Snaky Battle Ridden Old Girl

Despite conditions most wouldn't warrant as productive for large streamers, I suckered two decent fish into inhaling my latest streamer project.  This new fly is really earning it's wings, if all goes as planned you very well may see her here later this year.  Once I got home and defrosted my extremities, I managed to tinker a bit with some new materials that I think many of you will absolutely love.  My good buddy Pat Cohen spent the better part of the last year developing some really cool ultra-suede bodies for the fly tyer.  One of which, his hellgrammite is lights out in my book, and is what Pat calls a clean canvass right out of the bag.  What separates Pat's  from anything else you may have seen is they are white, so you the tyer can color them in any way you desire.  Not to mention the designs on these are just off the charts realistic, it helps when you have the artistic background of Pat.  Below is the big dog, I cut her up and articulated cuz that's how I roll around here.  Stay tuned for some more in the other two sizes and configurations that I have in mind.   For more on Cohen's Creatures click the link.

Watch Your Finger!  Tied on a Partridge Attitude Streamer Hook

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