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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Weekend Festivities

My hopes and anticipation are both running very high as I write this.  Hoping that I'm actually seeing the weather report correctly and anticipating what will ensue.  A weekend away on one of my favorite tail waters, floating, throwing streamers to eager and hungry browns, maybe even some surface oriented dry fly fishing if I'm lucky.

My good friend Mike Schmidt and I will be on course for the Catskills and travel routes will be intersecting in an area where many before us frequented for the bounty of trout fishing, hatches and fishing lore.  Both of us are very optimistic as our last two planned outings together yielded both of us swift kicks to the nether regions by good old mother nature.  Since our last epic beat down, we've both been paying homage to the old girl with bedtime prayers on one knee in hopes of changing our luck.  Chants of "We're not worthy", haunt both of us, and we hope that our tributes will yield better results. 

My used to be full time fishing friend Mike will also be joining us for one of these days as we float the river of dreams.  If anybody can right the ship, Mike is the guy and the fate of our weekend rests in his hands.  When we get together, the stars seem to align and we always manage to have some luck.

If anything, we will be laughing all weekend, drinking some good beers and eating like kings as we traverse a rather picturesque landscape on our way quest for the "One".  If all goes well, I shall have a nice follow up post for you all next week.  Until then, have a great weekend and get out on some water while the weather holds.


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