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Monday, June 9, 2014

A Good Weekend.

Maybe I'm getting crustier in my time, less tolerant of drama, I don't know what it is to be honest, but I've let go of the less important things and latched onto the "real" things in life a bit more this year.  Maybe it's cuz reality is slowly sinking in while I edge up to the doorstep of the big four-o later this year, and I am  seeing things a little more clearly.   Lately, I am less compelled  to flip through Facebook and all the drama that goes with it, wondering if what I just read on someones post has some sort of hidden message.  Humans were meant to interact with one another, and "real" human interaction is something that we seem to be throwing in the dumpster these days, opting to communicate with a keypad and tiny computer screen.  Personally, I'd  rather  pick up the phone to say hello,  or meet someone for a cup of coffee, but unfortunately the rest of society doesn't always seem to want to do the same. We've become a society that is less personal and I don't know how it happened so fast.

This weekend, this Dad got his Father's day present early, hopefully I can do this again next weekend; same time, different place with the same crew.  It was great to share the river with my girls this weekend, we saw so much in our short 5 hour window, and it was all stuff that many people these days probably have no idea exists in their own backyard.  Deer, mallards, mergansers, Canadian geese, blue herons, fly catchers, cardinals, red wing blackbirds, kingfishers, osprey, red tailed hawks, otters, variety of fish, and all kinds of other neat things I can't seem to name them all.   It was equally as nice seeing others out there enjoying what nature has to offer, rather than sitting on a bench having a conversation through a handheld computer screen.  Here's to what really matters in life, so enjoy the photos like I am while I sip my coffee and get ready to start my day.  I figured this would be a good way to get my fingers warmed up before I write in my book and head out for a cool morning run.

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