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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hook Spotlight, Partridge Absolute Predator CS45

This Shovel Headed Brown was taken on an Absolute Predator tied articulated Streamer this past winter.
To hold true to my promises, I am starting out my hook spotlight with undoubtedly one of my favorites.  The Partridge Absolute Predator series of hooks is a hook that was an instant hit with me the day I laid on eyes on it.  A wide gape barbless predator hook, this particular iron will cover anything from large poppers, super sized singles, doubles and triples for pike and muskie, to some of the articulated streamers I fancy for trout.  The size range for this Ad Swier design is wide, starting from a size 4 all the way up to a monstrous 6/0 for those true apex predators, there really isn't a hook size that isn't well represented with this fantastic hook.

On some of my local waters, barbless hooks are required, and although I am a huge fan of the Gamakatsu B10s, the need for a true barbless predator hook was fulfilled with the Absolute Predator.  The two hook styles are very similar with the major difference being that the Absolute Predator has no barb, and an offset, upturned beak.   Although the bends are a bit different, the designs are fairly similar, with the Absolute Predator having a slightly longer shank, which in some cases comes in pretty handy for some of those larger profiled patterns.   I am certain that many of you who read this are skeptical with barbless hooks for predator fish, but I can assure you of their effectiveness and fish holding properties as every pike you've seen me post was taken on this exact hook.   I like this hook so much, that most of my larger articulated trout streamers are now tied on this particular hook in place of the B10s on the front portion of the fly.
From Left to right, 6/0, 4/0, 2/0, 1, and 2, the spool is for scale.

When incorporating tungsten cones or other large items to add weight to some of my weighted streamers, the barbless design makes it very easy to slide these items onto the hook where as on other models this task can be very problematic as they get hung up on the barb.  The black nickel straight eye design makes the Absolute Predator hook a very versatile streamer hook that can accommodate a variety of streamer styles without sacrificing gap.  Plus, the barbless design makes it easier to remove from any of my appendages if I inadvertently stick myself on the stream. 

This hook is now in a mass production  run, and all sizes will be available very shortly.  Keep your eyes peeled if you are looking for a true, wide gap predator hook, this one is tops in my book, and in my opinion, sets the bar rather for streamer hooks.

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