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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Partridge Patriot Sproat Wet Fly Hook

A size 16 and 2mm tungsten beaded micro mayfly concoction.
The Patriot Sproat Wet (model# G3AY) is a rather interesting barbless wet fly hook.  Offered in sizes ranging from an 8 through a 16, this particular style of hook covers a very wide variety of trout sized patterns from small to medium in stature.  As the folks at Partridge say, "The sproat bend is as old as the hills," and has been around for ages.  Aside from being a great barbless, black nickel, down eyed wet fly hook for fishing throughout the water column, I have found that this particular hook in the smaller sizes (14-16) serves dual purpose as a wonderful nymph hook.  For some related patterns that work well on this hook, check out the Synthetic Quill Nymph, Spicy BWO, and the Super Simple Nymph
The G3AY Courtesy of Partridge of Redditch

On micro nymphs, sometimes they look and flow much nicer on a straight shank hook, however sometimes it can be a matter of trial and error finding the appropriate length of shank.  Many of the micro nymph patterns that I tie end up on scud style hooks as they offer a wider gap for better hooking capabilities, but often this makes for a curved body appearance.  Sometimes I prefer the straighter appearance as opposed to a curved, and this particular hook works very well.  And lets not forget, this is a great little soft hackle hook for those patterns that require a little more shank to break the surface film.  Good luck and happy tying.

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