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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Slipping Away With A Friend To An Old Favorite

Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and get off the beaten path.  I find when I head back home, I am often walking away feeling refreshed, and much more relaxed.  I spent the day today hiking into some of my favorite water that I frequented as a kid, and with the company of my friend Tommy. Tommy has been referred to as my kid brother, as he does look a bit like myself even though we aren't related.  Well, I guess you could say all of us from Polish decent are related in one way or another, I think we are because we like the same things.

With backpack in hand, a couple of rods, an IPhone and Gopro we had ourselves a day, and shot some great footage that captured our day nicely.  We didn't catch fish to the frequency that our beloved home tailwater often produces, but we did however strike trout everywhere we thought we would.  With a nice mix of Rainbows, a few brookies, a couple browns and even a salmon or two.  All in all, we managed a great day and had a blast as usual.
The scenery was fantastic, and the weather turned out to be very enjoyable.   We even managed to see some great wildlife along the way including a family of mink, a rather curious beaver, as well as  a Kingfisher who seemed to be following us on our journey.
Checkout a quick video of this fish HERE.
All of our fish today came from water with some depth and color paired up with some adequate speed.  Although the water was fairly cool, as you can see it is ridiculously clear, and the fish all seemed to be in some sort of cover waiting for their next meal.
At the end of the day we logged a good four to five miles both in and out of the water, so there is no doubt we burned a good amount of calories for our efforts.  My feet are starting to feel the wrath of my abuse and I am fairly certain I won't be out on the water tomorrow, or will I?
Thankfully, our journey provided us with some alternative terrain to traverse, making it a bit easier at times to make the trek to and from each fishing locale.
But, to be honest, the best path seemed to always be along or in the stream as it's cooling waters kept us comfortable all day long.
We even witnessed the remnants of some larger bugs that had hatched earlier this season.  Would've been nice to be around when these guys were crawling around. 
Most of the water that produced was very similar to what you see in this picture, but we also did well in some of shoots and glides that had some depth.
This particular pool had a nice shelf across from my position, and it also had a handful of nice rainbows that could easily be seen feeding in the current.  I got lucky and stuck two of them, only bringing one to hand however.
Tommy and I managed to bring several nice Rainbows to hand like the one he's holding in the picture.  Safe to say we had a great day on the water, and I am certain Tommy will want to make the trip here again.  We capped our day off with a solid pizza back home, and made Tommy see first hand, that their just flat out isn't a better pie than a Little City Pizza Pie.


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