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Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Prospecting At It's Finest.

When it comes to summer fishing, I enjoy prospecting inconspicuous waters with terrestrials and attractor dry flies.  I also have an affinity to see just how large I can go with these types of patterns to see what I can drum up from the depths or off the shaded edges.  Lately, large golden Busted Stones have been my bug of choice, and the takes are often pretty violent.  There really isn't much better than watching the nose of a larger brown breach the surface as it vacuums in your fly.  To go hand in hand with that, the fact that a size 2-4 dry fly is much easier on the eyes than the typical 24-32 chocolate dun, trico, bwo or midge during the day this time of year.
To watch A short clip of this fish, click HERE.

So, if you thought those western tactics chucking big foam bugs to the edges was only thing for Big Sky country, think again and hit some water that's a little off the beaten path, you might just be surprised. 

If you've noticed I am starting to rear my head again on this here blog, I shall be posting another hook post in the near future as well as some other things as I get back out of my funk.  Stay tuned.

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