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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sanity Time

Meat Eating Browns, Nothing Finer....
I managed to regain some sanity the other day and hit the water.  I guess you could say the river was good to me.  My life lately has been consumed with f-stops, white balances and apertures.   The end of the tunnel is near......

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Catching Up

The Byproduct Of My Absence Here
 I once again apologize for the lack of activity here lately, so I'll spare you the  long winded list of excuses as you all know why.  Two weekends ago I was in Pennsylvania hanging with the faithful customers of TCO fly shop in both Reading and State College.  Although the weather was a bit hot for late September, we still had some fun talking about my favorite facet of fly fishing.... streamers.  After some tying and talking about things I was on my way.  Saturday was pretty slow as to be expected, especially when you roll into town on a weekend that Penn State Football has a home game and the weather is nice.  I don't blame anyone for being outside that day, I would've most likely done the same.

I spent the night with my gracious host George Daniel, and we talked about a variety of things fishing and non fishing related over a couple of local IPA's and a pizza.  I always enjoy conversations with George as they seem to have a nice balance of laughter, deep thought in stream observation and past experiences.  We finally settled in just before midnight as we planned on hitting some water in the morning around 8 AM or there abouts.

Sunday came and we hit the road on schedule to fish Spring creek for a couple hours before I rallied for the second day of my streamer presentation.  George took me to a piece of water that I hadn't fished before and I set off flinging some smaller streamers in hopes of a few pulls.  As luck would have it, I rolled a cool half dozen in an hour and a half's time but unfortunately brought nothing to hand.  The fish although showing themselves never really kept themselves attached to the hook or made short swipes at my offerings.  It was still a very enjoyable but short outing, and at the time something I was in dire need of after an 80 hour work week. 

Sunday's crowd more than made up for the lack of a crowd on Saturday and we all had a great time.  Some cool discussions were had amongst the group and I soon found myself in the middle of a fly exchange that netted me a nice handful of meat to throw around in my neighborhood.  After picking up my mess at the vise I began my six hour trek home fighting through construction patterns and traffic, most of which mind you were in New York and Connecticut. 

Since I've been back home, fishing has been little, work has been much, and the balance of my time when not with the family has been behind my camera and multiple Regal vises as I muddle my way through the step by step photos for the book.  One thing I do know, I will be a much better photographer when this is all said and done, so I am fairly certain when the next book or article I write comes to fruition, I should be pretty adept at macro photography. 

Some water time will be much appreciated in the not so distant future, stay tuned........

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