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Monday, November 17, 2014

Tying Class Updates

The forthcoming classes at Upcountry are all but full.  The local favorites classes are both filled as is the streamer singles class.  Right now, the articulated streamers class is the only one with any openings and I suspect this is largely in part because we have labled it as an advanced ordeal.  If you are having any reservations after reading that class curriculum, look at it this way,  I've decided to keep the class small so that we can cover things better.  I have learned from past experiences that this class in particular moves along at the pace of the weakest link, so to keep this class feasible and worth you while I have decided to keep the class to a limit of 4 participants. 

I realize the number of flies that it states we will cover is much smaller than that of the others, but in all actuality we will most likely tie 5-7 patterns.  You also have to take into consideration that these flies are like tying 2-3 in one and require some time, so don't let that intimidate you.  You do however need more than the basic level of tying skills to be in this class so do take that into consideration. I am also in the middle of working with the folks at Concord Outfitters on putting together some classes their way too, so stay tuned. 

We are in the show season my friends, however I will most likely not be at any this year.  I will miss you all there but plan on being back next year, even at some new venues.  I will leave you with whats on my mind these days..... STEEL..

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