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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Goat Rodeo Streamer

As promised, I put the tying video together for the Goat Rodeo streamer that some of you have inquired about, or heard a bit about in the last year and a half.  The file is a bit longer than usual mostly because I opted to not speed any of it up, so I apologize if my voice annoys you or the video appears to drag on. 

Check The Video HERE.
Real flashy videos with techno music and crazy effects are not in my repertoire, what you see is pretty much what you get from this self taught amateur video production outfit.  I guess you could say my basement studio budget and time isn't quite up to industry standards,  but I make do with what I've got.  What my tying videos may lack in special effects, I'd like to think they make up for in content, so bare with my inadequacy and watch and listen closely as you just might learn a thing or two, or maybe you'll learn nothing, I don't know you be the judge. 

I also know some of my streamer brethren around the country who are of the mindset that the "only streamers" to fish are those that are neutrally buoyant and weightless are going to call me a sinner for this halibut jig of a fly.  Well, forgive me boys for I have sinned, my home waters ain't Michigan and us "Yankees" (boy do I hate saying that word being a former Mass-hole and lifelong Red Sox fan) often we have to think outside of different boxes around these parts to get the job done. It's all relative in the end, so if this flies use of tungsten intimidates you, simply substitute the weight with brass and have at it. 
Like I said in the video, this particular fly was designed primarily to penetrate into the depths of plunge pools and fast riffles, and so far she's done her job.   Have fun tying this one too by the way, she's been an awfully good one to me in the last year as some of these familiar pictures will tell you pretty much all you'll need to know.  Oh, and by the way, make sure you leave your 6 weight home for this one and opt for that stouter stick, well of course unless you want a pile of graphite straws to sip your chocolate milk.......

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