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Monday, February 23, 2015

Silence, Exhaustion and Optimism.

Dreaming of days like these....
 Quiet, like a light snow on a winters day, something we've grown accustom to with a greater degree of frequency this year.  Quiet, this blog has been for several weeks again as a result of some obligations.  Quiet, keeping some pent up frustrations over this winters grip preventing me from heading out on the water at all.  Quiet, diligently going through 200 plus pages of edits with a fine toothed comb to hopefully see a labor of love come to an end in the form of a book.
A welcome mix of bugs....
Exhausted, from late nights, early mornings, countless pots of coffee, learning macro photography, pounding snowstorms, arctic temperatures, and lack of fishing as a result of all of the above.

Micro Stones in numbers...
Optimistic,  that soon the thermometer will rise, the snow will melt and the rivers will swell.  Optimistic, that the spring will come soon, everything will re-acclimate, and my off days will coincide with some great fishing opportunities.  Optimistic, that this year I will have replenished my own fly stocks instead of everyone else first.  Optimistic, at least one of my new ideas proves to be another viable option on the water.  Optimistic, that my two girls now 5 & 7, catch their first fish on a fly this year even if it's not a trout.

Woven Mayflies for warmer days.
There, I got a few things off my chest that have been bugging me this winter.  Although that really didn't solve much, I do feel better.  I am fairly certain a few of those gripes have hit home for many of you, so I figured why not commiserate a little together.  Now that we've got that behind us, pour another cup of jo and motor on, it's the last week of February and things will get brighter soon.

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