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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Where Things Are These Days

February came and went with little chatter on my part.  If you've been following the Instagram account and Facebook you've caught on to why.  Production mode is in full tilt here in whenever I have a free minute outside my other obligations.  I literally have Regals in three locations in my house right now, two of which are not my basement fly tying shop.  I guess you could say that I maximize my free time to be super efficient.

If you haven't seen whats up or you aren't a social media follower (don't blame you), I've essentially turned into a troll tying bugs in mass quantity.  I have worked out a solid partnership with the folks at Upcountry Services, and I am tying a good compliment of my bugs for them to sell.  It made the most sense seeing as how this is my home shop, and a majority of my clientele fish the area.  If you frequent the store, expect to see a steady stream of stuff filtering into their fly bins, hopefully if the plan goes well, right in time for some of the more notable hatches. 

If you are looking for streamers only, don't worry, I will be doing some streamers for them as well, but more or less stuff that is geared for everyone and not just the guy looking to throw the biggest bugs.  More on that in the future, but for now I gotta run back and get things rolling.  Oh, and stay tuned for some dates for my streamer tactics class, we are working that out as I type this.  Have fun out there, looks like we might be above freezing this week. 

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