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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Pike Dart Tying Video

As promised, here is the tying video for one of my "Ace in the hole" pike flies.  When them slime rockets won't eat the half chicken, this guy rarely disappoints.  Click the photo to check the video....
The Pike Dart.

Friday, June 26, 2015

My Apologies.

It has been nearly a month since my last post here, so I first and foremost wanted to apologize to all of you out there who frequent the page.  This is inevitably my busiest time of year, and this year things have seemed to become progressively more crammed with work and family related obligations.  To keep things going I figured I would fill this post with a bunch of things that are going on over here that are, of course, fishing related. 

I will start with one of the most exciting ones for me.  I am very proud and happy to announce that I have teamed up with Clutch Tactical Fly Rods based out of Ohio.  I have always been rather hesitant to hook up with a single rod company based on the broad variety of fishing techniques and species I chase.  When I received the call from Greg Senyo and later from owner Lee Janik, I instantly knew I was joining a group of like minded people who not only are passionate about all things fly fishing, but also very family oriented and open to new ideas.  Lee's rods are turning the fly rod world on it's head, and I am very excited to say that I will be a part of the further growth and development of exciting new products in the years to come. 

Book update.  Yes I get questions on this weekly.  The book is moving along well and will still be slated for release on January 1, 2016.  I should have the cover art in hand in the next week or two and will finalize that shortly thereafter.  I will post a photo of the cover art as soon as it has been finalized with a link to pre-order a copy as well. 

To go hand in hand with this, I will be attending a majority of the fly fishing and tying shows this winter, including the Denver or California show to boot.  I am most likely going to choose the Denver show over California for the simple fact that I have family in the Denver area making things a little easier travel wise.  Once I finalize my schedule, I will post it to the events page.  I am also in the process of lining up speaking engagements for 2016 as I write this, and I have a couple of new presentations to unleash for next year.  That being said, if your club is interested in having me join you for an evening to tie and talk fishing, inquire sooner than later as my dates are already beginning to fill up. 

Aside from the awesome fly rods from Clutch that I have been using as of late, some terminal tackle has come my way that I have actually been very pleased with.  Hatch has recently introduced a line of Fluorocarbon tippet that is absolutely awesome.  Andrew over at Hatch turned me on to this stuff and I have been using it in all of my streamer leaders as of late.  The tippet material is much stronger than the breaking strength it is listed as, with some relatively smaller diameters making it very stealthy in my opinion.  Combine that with very low stretch and a coating that is very similar to that of standard mono, the tippet is a joy to work with and knots hold extremely well.  I highly recommend trying out a spool of this stuff when you can.  A quick tip, don't be so concerned with the pound test, look more to the diameters on the spool when purchasing it and building your leaders.  This tippet comes in 8,10,12,16,20 and 25 pound test spools of 25meters.  Check it.
Ice Pick Still Doing Work Now On A New Stick

Some of you have also inquired if I have been fishing at all.  Yes, in fact I have about once a week sometimes more if time permits.  To be honest, I have been trying to get out there more with my wife and kids when we can, but I too do get the opportunity to venture out on my own for short periods of time on my own. 
Video Forthcoming On The Pike Dart

When I am not trying to hit the water for myself, I have been busily tying a fly or two for my upcoming trip to the Yukon river drainage for trophy northern pike.  I can't believe that I am almost on the doorstep of this trip that I have long awaited with my buddy Mike Schmidt.  In 4 weeks we will be out of contact with civilization embarking on a true adventure in hopes of landing a few giants.  Upon my return I should have ample fish porn for you all to digest, as well as loads of material for a couple of new presentations for the winter months.  In the meantime I have been warming up on these wonderful fish on some of my local waterways, albeit these folks here are mere dinks compared to what we will see in the great land.
Flycraft.  Well, this thing has really opened up my floating windows and opportunities and I have literally been in this thing almost every week.  Tommy and I have really put this thing through the paces and it has become our go to watercraft as of late due to a variety of reasons.  My Hyde has pretty much been collecting dust in my garage this year as many of my rivers of choice have been running too low to get that guy into.  The Stealth has afforded me the opportunity to float areas and levels that I merely could'nt before.  This thing is great.

Videos.  I will admit I am slacking a bit on these lately, but I have good excuses.  I have a handful of cool patterns that need to make it to video, so that being said I will try and get one or two completed before my departure to the great land.  If I do not get the chance, may you all have a great Fourth Of July weekend, and may your free time bring you some great opportunities in whatever watery environment you frequent.


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