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Monday, July 13, 2015

Tailwater Fun In The Sun

Low Lying Fog A Telltale Sign Of Summer On A Tail water
Spoiled.  Yes I am very spoiled, in that I have a fantastic tail water fishery within minutes of my front door.  After this past weeks grueling work schedule, it was fitting that I visited my old friend this morning before the heat really kicked into high gear.  As usual, my beloved home waters didn't disappoint, only this time in between meandering the shoreline to my next likely run, I decided to snap some photos of what I happened to see.

One Of Many Stream side Snails Basking In The Sun
The banks of a river are very interesting to say the least.  Aside from the vegetation, the micro organisms that we often never recognize are plentiful if you just take the time to inspect.  I was surprised at how many snails I observed on this very day, I don't ever quite remember seeing them in the numbers that I found today.

Sleek And Sneaky All In The Same Breathe
I also was lucky enough to spot a spiders lair nestled in an interesting plot of grass.  This particular spider had amassed a rather bountiful stash of victims in the web she had spun.  The position of this particular lair was rather advantageous to the spider, as it was in close proximity to the rivers edge.  Many a mayfly had unfortunately been consumed by the web and thus became dinner for old Mrs. Spider.

After seeing a slew of other forms of wildlife, I put the camera away and began doing what I set out to do in the first place.  The fishing was rather good as always, and the crowds were light which is even better.  I managed to have an entire stretch of river all to my lonesome and it was very rewarding from a variety of perspectives.  

The fish were hungry, and the hot fly of the morning was a size 16 DDT nymph in brown; an old favorite of mine for this time of year, and she still takes the cake to this day.   A dry dropper rig worked wonders today and provided some rather fast and furious action throughout. 

The river is indeed healthy, and getting better every year as is indicative of the yearling browns that I managed to tangle with this morning.  I managed the river slam with trout of all three species; brook, brown and rainbow trout.   Not a bad couple of hours on a hot muggy day.....


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