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Friday, July 24, 2015

The Wait Is Over.

If All Goes As Planned, Should See Many Of This Next Week
While you are reading this passage, I am most likely in the air over the mid-western United States en route to the great land in search of gators with a good friend.  Fishing this year has been rather good around here, but I am fairly certain that after this trip I will be a bit ruined for a while as a result of my pursuit.  My apologies for not getting that video together on the Chinese Dragon streamer, but as most of you probably can relate, time and obligations got the best of me prior to my departure.  Besides, this time of year, most of us are fishing and less of us are concerned about tying so I guess I will get a base on balls so to speak for this one.  I will however share this great catch with you from Landon Mayer who has already requested a few more Chinese Dragon's for his pike arsenal.  I guess the fly worked well as the photo tells it all.
Absolute Slob of A Pike, Courtesy of The Chinese Dragon Streamer.

Upon my return I will have lots to share about my experience, and will also get back in the saddle in regards to that video and other things. I have some appearances already in ink for the fall, and I will get those up on the events pages then.  I managed to polish off the final edits for the book over the weekend, and I am hopeful on my return I will have the cover art finalized so all can see.  Until then, have a great week, hopefully the heat subsides a bit in your neck of the woods and you are able to get out there and enjoy some water as well. 

-Be well-

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