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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Passing It Along

As I grow older, my focuses have changed quite a bit.  Some of those things that I thought once were so important, just really aren't when I sit and think about it.  What I have learned is that there is nothing more important than family and good friends, and living in the moment.  If you can share some of those things you hold dear with those that are important to you, then you truly "get it" so to speak.

This past weekend I was able to share one of my favorite places on Earth with my wife and two daughters for the first time as a family. Although my wife introduced me to this wonderful place, there was a time when I wasn't quite sure if my daughters would get the opportunity to experience the Celli's camp on lake Umbagog. 

All of us in camp marveled at the level of enthusiasm that the girls woke up with each day at Camp, in a world without electricity and all the creature comforts that we all seem to take for granted.  To some it may seem so foreign; but reality is not so long ago this was the norm.   

I think everyone should "disconnect" regularly, it is remarkable what it does for your soul, while simultaneously letting your imagination wander; something that benefits kids tremendously.  Everyday they wrote letters and left them in the elaborate "fairy compound" that they added to, which is found on the big rock out in front of Camp Ijis.

What we learned this weekend was priceless;  Tessa and Nora can both cast and catch fish on their own now, even removing the hooks from the fish's mouths, taking in the beauty of each fish with care before setting them free to swim another day.   

Tessa seems to have quickly picked up how to maneuver a kayak without any instruction what so ever, and Nora has no problems letting her big sister do all the work while she enjoys the ride.

Swimming in the lake multiple times a day, snorkeling with "Papa" in search of that perfect water rock was something they just never seemed to get enough of.  I guess I understand fully why my kids are both water signs being a Pisces and Aquarius; kind of fitting for a fisherman don't you think?

Camping as a family is officially an adventure that our household will be doing on a regular basis; now to find the perfect tent to house us all is in quick order.  This shouldn't be a problem however, as Tessa had her eyes on a rather large one last week while visiting Cabela's.  I see a whole bunch of adventures awaiting us in the year that follows, can't wait to see where that brings us all.

Lastly, we even managed to hike up the shores of the Rapid river.  I actually got to wet a line there myself after a 2 year hiatus of sorts.  The girls got a kick out of our wilderness adventure that day, and it is safe to say that we will most likely be visiting again soon.  I on the other hand, have already allotted some time for a spring time fishing trip back, you all know why if you've read my posts in the past.  Now back to the grind, school starts tomorrow and now both girls will be riding the bus together; my how time flies.....

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