The Rats Nest

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Book Update

The cover art has been finalized for the forthcoming book, and to say that I am more than happy with how things turned out is an understatement.  I figured I would post a quick picture here for you all to see.

You can also pre-order yourself a copy of this book on Amazon through the following link:  Catching-Shadows, Tying flies for the toughest fish and strategies for fishing them. 

If you want to lock the book in at a lower price, then I would suggest purchasing the book through that link.  If you wait a bit however and expect to see some cooler "package deals" that I plan on putting together, I would suggest doing so.  When the January 1 release date draws close,  stay tuned for an announcement and a link to purchase signed copies and maybe a limited run with some other cool things in the mix.  Once again, this project has been a direct result of all the support from all of you out there, many thanks and stay tuned for more on the book release.  Until then, happy hunting.


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