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Friday, November 6, 2015

Chinese Dragon Tying Video Now Live.

As promised, I have gotten back to some tying video production (albeit crude but information packed hopefully).   I figured I had better start with a big one, just to get it out the way, plus I did promise it to you back in June; it's now November.  Oops.  At any rate, here is the cousin to the Hog Snare, the Chinese Dragon.  Now, I don't claim this to be a quick tie, the video is roughly 20 minutes long, mostly due to my narration, but in all actuality this fly should take you about 1/2 as long to tie compared to a Hog Snare, so in essence, it's pretty quick for a 3 sectioned streamer.
Watch The Video HERE.

I like this fly because of it's swimming action in the water, one that not only emulates real prey, but also because she  just shimmy and kicks around precisely how I intended her too based upon her construction.  You can knock out the shanks and add a rear hook and downsize the front and you have one hell of a nice and quick trout streamer too.  If there is any interest, I may show a video on that down the road.
A Torn And Tattered Chinese Dragon In The Mouth Of A Pure Killing Machine

So, in closing, here is one of my favorites to fish for pike even though she may not be the simplest quickest tie, she surely gets the job done.  Enjoy my friends, this one has gotten it done for Northern's, tiger musky and straight up musky so the proofs in the pudding.


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